Monday, July 25, 2011

How Do I Blog Again??

If you have followed my blog at all, you know that I haven't written anything on here for quite some time. I'm not quite sure why that is. Maybe it's because I never think about writing down my thoughts and feelings or capturing my recent activities on this blog. Whatever the reason, I hope that I can change it around. The fact is that I really do like to blog. It's a nice way for me to take some time out of my life, sit, and think about what has been going on all around me. Plus I know people who follow this blog back home and it's a good way for me to share my life in Missouri with all of them.

Recently I have been filling my time with work and friends. I am loving my new job at a fitness center here in town. It's a relaxing environment and it's cool to see people come in and change their circumstances. I remember seeing one lady in particular come in week after week and just watching the transformation happen before my eyes. She was losing weight, and doing it on her own. That is really powerful to me and shows that we can do anything we set our minds to.

As for friends, I am having the time of my life this summer. I am rooming with three of the most awesome guys you'll ever meet. One is my brother and the other two are on the basketball team with him. I knew the other two guys but not all that well. Living with them this summer has really created a bond between us. Also, I have had a lot of time to spend with my amazing girlfriend Brittni. She has been everything I've been looking for in a girl. We have done so much together this summer, including a trip back home to Oregon so she could see where I'm from and meet my family. It has been an incredible journey with her and I hope to continue on this path we're on for quite some time. In fact, we actually said the "L-word" last night. Yep that's right, I love you Brittni!

Well that pretty much sums up what I've been up to this summer. School starts in about three weeks and I am ready for it to get here but more excited for it to be over. That means I will be a college graduate, and I can't wait! Thanks for reading up on my life. I promise the next blog entry won't be too far off.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Months Has Gone By...

Thanksgiving break is officially over. School started back up today. Now I haven't posted anything new in two months so y'all have a lot to catch up on. First off, my last post I talked about a new job that I landed. Well I no longer have that job. The owner decided that the company was not going in the direction he wanted. Pretty much, he wasn't making enough money. It was ok though. I learned a lot during my time with the company. I definitely know how to not run an independent business!

Next up is school. Nothing new has happened. School will be school. I'm just that much closer to graduation though. Two weeks until Christmas break and I couldn't be happier. I get to finally go home after being away for an entire year. I'm starting to forget what home looks like! (ok not really but I'm just ready to be home)

Thanksgiving break was fun. I went to my brother's girlfriend's house in Arkansas. It was pretty fun. We all traveled to Oklahoma to visit her extended family on Thanksgiving. We went to 3 different houses. I met a lot of people and ate a lot of food. We finished off the day by playing about 3 and a half hours of volleyball. Got to burn those Thanksgiving calories off somehow. Went to Old Navy at midnight on Black Friday, only to see 300 people already in line! So we just went back at 3 PM and got everything we wanted.

Now is the start of another week. Not really motivated to do anything but it's almost the end of the semester. I think I can hang in there for two more weeks. Just got to keep praying for sanity and God's hand to be on my life and I'll survive!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Since Senior Year Started

Well as those who follow my blog know, I haven't posted in awhile.  Most of that is due to the fact that I have been busy with move-in and starting classes (for the last time!).  Anyways, so a friend of mine (*cough Kassandra) had informed me that I hadn't posted in forever so I thought I'd write a little something for y'all.

Senior year has officially started!  I am more than excited to be almost finished with school.  But of course there are downfalls to the end as well.  I am not looking forward to leaving a huge chunk of friends in Springfield.  The best thing about college is that you build relationships that will last forever.  And I believe I have found some really special friends and as much as I hate leaving them, I know that we will be friends for a long time.

I also started a new job recently.  Buying gold just wasn't doing it for me.  The job was a blessing and I'm thankful that I got to experience it but I was ready for a change.  So I landed a job at a place called AcuStep.  I am super excited about this position, as it more closely relates to my field of study.  Plus the doctor that founded the clinic is really down to earth and has a genuine passion for helping people, especially the diabetic community.  Since diabetes runs in my family, I think this job has really given me a passion for the disease and drive to help those in pain and discomfort.

Well that's pretty much all I've been up to these days.  Just enjoying football season as well.  I've got three fantasy football teams this year!  We'll see how they all turn out.  Oh ya I almost forgot!  I am commentating for a local high school football team, Mount Vernon.  I make comments about the game and fill in any information my play-by-play partner, Ed Beach, misses.  If you ever are bored on a Friday night or want to listen to the archived broadcast, you can go to, scroll down to 2010 Football Broadcasts and have a listen.  I have only done the two home games so far so Carl Junction and Seneca.  It's my first time broadcasting for anything and I really love it.  It's a blast.  So if I sound nervous or just awkward, it's because I'm still not quite used to it.  Normally the second half is better.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great rest of your week and an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Story From My Summer

So I've told this story multiple times so I figured I would just go ahead and blog about it.  I think this story is one of the highlights of my summer.  So here goes nothing:

Alright. It all begins at the very start of summer.  I have just gotten out of school and I am moving into my summer apartment in two days.  Me and my roommates go over to the apartments to finalize all of the details and to get our keys to move in.  This was on a Thursday afternoon.  Once we get there, the lady at the desk pulls out our lease papers and says, "Ok. Here is your one year lease agreement."    WAIT.  What did she just say?  I think she said one year lease agreement.  We had clarified with her multiple times that we would only be renting for the summer and asked if they did 3-month summer leases for students.  She said yeah it's no problem at all.  Now back to the day of the lease signing.  We tell her that we have no intention on renting for a whole year and she is shocked.  Thrown back even, to the point where she says she has to step outside.  I don't know what that lady is on but she is trippin.  Anyways, so we have two days until we have to be out of the dorms.  Well more like one and a half.  We have to find a place to stay!  For a day and a half, I was homeless.  But luckily we found a place that would let us move in on Friday, and it was cheap!  But that's where this story takes a funny twist.

So we needed a place to stay. Check.  We needed something affordable. Check. We need something in the ghetto. Wait what? CHECK.  This place is not in the best part of town.  We knew this going into it but it was only for the summer and it was affordable.

The other day I was with some friends and we were driving to a Springfield Cardinals game.  I am driving my brother's girlfriend's car when all of a sudden, I'm being pulled over.  Now I've never been pulled over before so I'm wondering what I did.  The cop says he stopped me because I failed to use my turn signal.  Dumb reason but I noticed he had a ride-along with him so he was just showing the kid the ropes.  He asks for my license.  He sees I'm from Oregon and asks if I still live there.  I told him no and that I have been living in Springfield for the summer.  So he asks for my current address and then walks back to the car.  Upon his return he says the usual, "Ok well just don't do it again".  As I'm about to drive away, he says the following words: "Oh and by the way, the place you're living this summer, not the best part of town."  "I know but I needed a place to live on short notice and this one worked out", I say.  "Ok well I understand that but just watch yourself over there ok?"  "Ok."

Since when do the cops diss where you live? haha.  This situation was so crazy and the girls in the back, who have all been to my apartment, start laughing as we pull away and say "EVEN THE COP DISSED WHERE YOU LIVE!"

So that's my little story.  I may live in the ghetto but I feel like I fit in :)  That is where I belong!  Ok not really but I'm still alive so that's a good sign.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Vision In My Life

So I was sitting on my couch the other day, wondering what am I going to do with my life.  I am an exercise science major but what can I accomplish with that?  I have been told by multiple people that I should be a sports broadcaster.  That would be a blast.  I love sports and I've even worked as an anchor on my school's sports television show.  I've also been told I should be a youth pastor.  I do love kids.  I think that it's our responsibility as older human beings to take care of our youth and help them pursue their dreams.  So I was thinking about how I might be able to combine my degree, my love for sports, and my passion for children and I think I came up with a pretty cool idea.  I want to open up an organization, or a foundation, or a charity....whatever you want to call it that helps kids improve their athletic abilities, while helping them improve their lives as well.  Now I know that many organizations out there help with one or the other but I've done some research and there are very little that help kids in both areas.  I even thought of a name: "Athletes For A Better Life".  There is an organization out there called Athletes For a Better World but I think mine can differ enough to make it successful.  Anyways, just was wondering what you guys thought about it.  Let me know, whether you have good things or bad things to say about it.  Thanks.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Life as an Observant Male

So as many of you know, I am working in the mall this summer.  I never knew you could learn so much from sitting about observing your surroundings.  As I sit at my booth, located between Wet Seal, Victoria's Secret, and Sephora, I see a lot of women.  This time has given me the opportunity to watch and study the female gender.  And boy have I learned a lot.  It seems like women, when approached by a stranger who has a question for them or a product to sell them, always try their hardest to avoid the situation.  I've seen many different approaches to this avoidance: the look and dart past when they aren't looking, the walk on by like no one is talking, and of course the blunt rejections.  Now I'm being genderist (new word).  I've just noticed that it happens more with women than men.

Now for a little critique on the males.  I have seen too many men try to fight their way out of certain situations with their girlfriends or wives.  The woman wants to go into a store to look for something.  The male stands there, complains (throws a fit in a way), and refuses.  They may also come up with an excuse like "We have to go...remember?"  Now I don't thoroughly enjoy shopping (like most males don't) but I do believe in being a man.  And this means, guys, if your woman wants to take you shopping, you should see that as a privilege.  Girls really don't want guys there to "help" them shop, but if she invites you, she wants to spend time with you.  So quit complaining and just go into the store with her.  Let her know that you are supportive.  Plus she is probably shopping for things to wear that you like.  She wants to look good for you.  What more could you ask for?  If anything, go in with her so you can regulate her spending : )

Alright well enough observations for one day.  Just bored at work and thought I'd share my experiences with y'all.  Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Month Til School? Are you serious?

Well it's almost the end of July so that means school is that much closer to us.  How awful does that sound?  Even though I'll be entering my last year of school, I still hate thinking about going back.  But I have met some amazing people and made some incredible memories during my time at school.  I would not trade them for anything in the world.  So this post is kind of random but I just thought I'd share what's on my mind today.  Also, with summer almost over, I am starting to think about what I've done and how much stuff I never did.  I would have loved to go home, rent a boat for the weekend and hit up the lake, catch a Springfield Cardinals game, see more movies, etc etc.  But my summer has been filled with two semesters of summer school, work, and that's about it.  I did however get away for the July 4th weekend and spent an awesome three days with my friends and their family in Ohio.  That has probably been the highlight of my summer.  Oh and let's not forget the NBA draft and summer league!  Blazers in 2011 baby!  Now if only I had the same confidence in my Seahawks lol.  Well hope everyone's summer is going well and if you still have things to cross off your summer to do list, you better hop on it!  Later.